Can’t believe you ate the whole thing?

overeatingIt’s happened to the best of us—you wind up so in love with a meal or food that you simply don’t want to stop eating and only do so when you feel like you’ll explode. Or you get too distracted and overeat because you didn’t realize how much food you were shoveling into your mouth until it’s after the fact.

The number one rule is to not continue overeating. It’s very common for people to think ‘I’ve ruined everything; might as well keep eating. This is the most important thing not to do. It’s much easier to manage your weight if you overeat at one meal or even one day than if you continue this cycle. Experts suggests thinking about calories like money. If you spend $1, you will be fine, but if you spend $100—over and over—you will be broke. (On a similar note, if you save money over and over, you’ll be better off!

The best thing you can do after you overeat is to move on and not treat it like you’re scarred for life. Instead of having the ‘I just blew it’ attitude, acknowledge your humanity and just try to eat better and less at the next meal by focusing on protein- and fiber-rich foods—and smaller portions.

walking-exercise3- TAKE A WALK
If you know you’ve overdone it on the food front, take a 10-15 minute walk. “Not only can walking post meal give you some fresh air and work to help clear your mind, it can support healthy digestion and improve blood sugar levels,” says Expert. When you vegetate on the couch after a large meal, the glucose in your bloodstream will circulate longer; if you take a walk, that sugar starts to get used instead of being stored.

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Instead of obsessing about what is already in the past, Experts recommends being proactive. Take a few minutes and plan out clean meals you can enjoy for the next few days. Then, you can create a shopping list and have fun in the kitchen. You’ll want to focus on foods with lots of fresh produce and fiber. Soup is a great way to eat fewer calories without feeling deprived because it takes up a lot of space in the stomach and is satisfying—especially vegetable or other broth-based soups.

veganbowlsquare-454615 – BE DILIGENT TOMORROW
The next day after overeating, you should avoid processed foods altogether. Processed foods are the easiest foods to overeat because they’re refined and require little work from the body to digest. They also tend to contain large amounts of sodium and sugar, which trick your brain into wanting to eat more. So, instead of setting yourself up to fail again, just don’t go down that road in the first place—especially after just doing so!

If you can’t do this the same day as overeating, sign yourself up for a class first thing in the morning. Taking a spinning class, dance class, or any kind of body movement class that will help boost your feel-good endorphins while doing something positive for your body. Let’s face it: After overeating, you’re feeling down in the dumps physically and emotionally, so it’s best to get lost in the music and sweat it out. And by taking a class, you’re not leaving the sweat session entirely up to your own motivation and willpower; you walk in and follow someone else’s lead, which will be a great one.

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Being active is a good move but experts also recommend taking a moment to actively turn your focus inward—but in a positive way like through meditation. By going within and getting quiet with yourself, it will help you to release the worry and fear associated with the guilt, remorse, and shame you may feel. It will also help to prevent future occurrences.

When you’re full and bloated, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is adding more bulk with water—but that’s exactly what you need to do to help clear your system. Drinking water will help flush out some of the sodium and will help increase your metabolism.
Speaking of things you should sip: Experts recommends squeezing half of a lemon into one cup of water and adding a pinch of cayenne. Lemon and cayenne have a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that help stimulate the liver in order to detox your body from any harmful substances like sugar and alcohol. This combination is a powerful digestive aid and that it can soothe stomach ache, gas, bloating, and acid reflux.
Last but not the least , If you don’t own any smaller plates or bowls, there can be a great benefit in investing in some for future meals—especially when you anticipate being tempted to eat more than you should. Research has also shown that people tend to eat less if there is a higher contrast in colors between the plate and the food. So, if for example, you’re eating pasta with tomato sauce, you’ll likely eat less off of a blue plate than you would a red or white one.